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University Housing Advisory Committee

The University Housing Advisory Committee is chartered as an advisory team of university employee housing. University housing is provided to eligible employees of the university and this committee allows a venue to give feedback to Housing Operations as well as a way to disseminate clarifying information to individuals residing in university housing. The UHAC is tasked to help find creative solutions to the challenges facing the university housing community and its stakeholders.

Organizational Structure

The UHAC consists of a chair person, vice chair, secretary and other voting members as well as non-voting members assigned by Housing Operations. The committee members will rotate yearly with a max of 1/3 of the members being replaced who have served for more than 2 years. New voting members will be nominated by the UHAC and approved by UHAC sponsor. The members of the committee will consist of a wide representation of university housing residents including spouses.


The UHAC draws its authority from the university Presidents Council and is accountable and reports to the appointed UHAC sponsor. Recommendations are subject to review by the Presidents Council.


The UHAC has the following responsibilities:

  1. Survey all employee families eligible for university housing at least once every two years and present the findings to the Housing Operations and residents.
  2. Assist and advise the Housing Operations in various functions as engaged by the Housing Operations or the President’s Council.
  3. Welcome university employee housing residents into university housing and regularly communicate committee proceedings.
  4. Conduct an open meeting twice a year to allow employee families eligible for university housing to receive clarifying information and give feedback to the UHAC.

Effective Date (revised): August 8, 2016

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