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Housing Operations

BYUH Housing Program

The BYU–Hawaii Housing Program was established to provide housing that will contribute to a wholesome family environment for eligible full-time faculty and administrative staff. In order for BYU–Hawaii to attract and retain qualified people for key positions on campus, it has developed a beneficial housing assistance program as an additional benefit/incentive to mitigate the cost of housing on Oahu.

Housing Availability

The university owns single-family homes, duplex and triplex multi-family dwellings. Assignment of the homes is made available to eligible faculty or administrative staff according to availability. All homes are furnished with a refrigerator and an electric or gas range. The majority of the homes are equipped with disposals, built-in dishwasher, washer and dryer and one portable air conditioner. Homes are provided with window and sliding door curtains or blinds. Upon occupying a university home, residents must annually sign a rental agreement.

Housing Assistance

The university may offer eligible employees housing assistance to ameliorate the high cost of housing on Oahu. The benefit consists of a taxable, biweekly subsidy payment in addition to the employee’s salary. The amount is determined by the President’s Council and may be adjusted at any time relative to the real estate market. This amount may be used by the employee at their discretion.

The university reports all housing assistance payments to the IRS consistent with applicable laws and regulations. The university does not guarantee access to university-owned housing or broker rental agreements with private owners. Employees are responsible to secure their own housing; however, the university may provide counsel to employees requesting information about local housing options.

Rent Payment

Rent payments are made bi-monthly through payroll deduction. Monthly rental deductions include base rent plus water/sewer fees. For new residents, rent is prorated if arrival is after the first of the month. Residents arriving prior to receiving a paycheck from the university have the following options for payment:

Cash payment upon arrival and thereafter until payroll deduction is in effect, or

The rent, for the months prior to receiving a paycheck, is added to the regular rent deduction and may be divided up to four pay periods after the first payroll deduction.


Residents in university-owned housing are responsible to arrange for electricity, telephone services, cable television, internet and gas (as applicable), unless otherwise noted in their rental agreement.

Residents living in the townhouses are part of the campus electric billing system. Monthly statements are sent to each resident by the BYUH accounts receivables office and residents should make payments to the university cashier’s office.


The university insures its homes against flood and fire damage. This coverage does not extend to any personal items owned by the resident. Residents should carry renters’ insurance policies to cover personal possessions and to provide liability protections.