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Housing Operations

Housing Ohana Update - July 2019

Major Mod Update

  • Progressing on schedule.
  • 14.9 acres of Ag converted to Urban should be completed by December 2018.
  • Initial SLUDBA was declined. Four areas of concern for DPP are being addressed.
  • EA (Environmental Assessment) was not needed, saves Six months in process.
  • Archeological Assessment is being reviewed and could add 6 months.

Housing Update

  • Townhomes 1-8 design complete, funding request Dec. 1st, 2017On schedule for a June/July 2018 start date for Buildings 5-8. Review and selection of Color and Material Palettes in January.
  • Townhomes 9-11 design and funding approved.Working on finding options to move tenants, either one building at a time or all 3 buildings. Hope to start work in March / April 2018 time frame.
  • 1 ADA remodel by Lai'e Elementary has been designed and funded.
  • Temple Court Duplexes design completed, funding request December 1st, 2017.
  • Next 6 duplexes have been designed and issued for permit 7 months ago. Submitting request for next 6 duplexes in January 2018.

Operations Update

  • Dedicated Housing team of 6 campus employees.
  • Hired 4 new contracted housing maintenance techs (Varsity).
  • Independent consultant hired to review deferred maintenance.
  • Working on developing new leases where BYU-H takes on more responsibility for home maintenance.
  • Ownership program is on hold until further notice.
  • Housing policies and procedures need to be transparent.
  • SPD working on Real Estate study.
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